5 Essential Items for a Backyard Camp Out

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Camping is a great summertime activity. If a camping trip isn’t in the cards, these fun ideas will quickly make your own backyard the place to be for an at-home camp out! Here are all the essential items you’ll need before heading out back for the night:

There’s no such thing as a camp out without them! If you don’t have a fire pit in your yard, you can actually grill s’mores in just a few easy steps! Assemble the s’mores, wrap them in foil, and put them over low heat. In just a few minutes you have a delicious, gooey s’more ready to eat!

Half the fun of camping in the backyard is getting to sleep in a tent!

Whether you use them as an accessory to a ghost storytelling session, or to light your way to the back to the house, a flashlight is an absolute must-have for any backyard camp out.

Sleeping Bags
Putting your sleeping bag on top of a cot, blow-up mattress, or extra blankets can add some comfort!


One of the perks of camping outdoors is the lack of access to television or computers! It’s an opportunity for your kids to get away from the screens for an evening and have some good old fashioned fun.  Build a campfire, tell stories, cook a meal together over the fire, or play hide-and-seek.


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